Accepting Credit Cards with the Nexus 7 Tablet in the Mobile Food Arena

Busy people on-the-go have noticed a gratifying trend these days…the mobile food trend! Long gone are the boring days of hot dogs, pretzels, and ice cream. Mobile food has gone gourmet! Some popular LA mobile food vendors are now serving crepes, kimchi tacos, osso buco, and velvet cupcakes. Yummo!

This growing taste for gourmet is due, in large part, to advancing technology like mobile credit card processing. Smartphones and Tablets equipped with a mobile credit card processing app have enabled mobile food vendors to accept payment from their customers anywhere, from street corner to fair. No wires needed.

The Nexus 7  from Google is the latest tablet on the market capable of accepting credit and debit cards in a mobile environment. It has quickly become a favorite among our clients because of its hefty 8 hour battery life and scratch resistant corning glass although I am sure the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor and 4.1 jelly bean OS are equally desirable!

For more information on accepting credit cards on smartphones or tablets visit

Motorola XYBOARD Tablet Credit Card Processsing

Accept Credit Cards with Motorola XYBOARD

ROAMdata just announced that the Motorola XYBOARD tablet is now compatible with the G2 Swiper. Great news for our mobile merchants using Motorola’s latest tablet to process credit cards on the go.

Here are the benefits of accepting credit cards with the Motorola XYBOARD.

1. Mobility – Accept all major credit and debit cards anywhere, at anytime with the slim 8.8 mm tablet. No signal-no problem! ROAMpay G2 processes offline.

2. Security – Process your customers bank cards with confidence. All sensitive card information is encrypted and is never stored on your device. The XYBOARD also comes equipped with “business ready,” an encryption that protects all files and email information on the device.

3. Easy and Fast Transactions – Plug the G2 reader into the XYBOARD audio jack, put in your password, and swipe those cards! User-friendly interface and pre-populated screens make transactions a snap, especially when there is a dual-core processor involved.

4. Eco-Friendly – No paper, no waste! Mobile transaction receipts are emailed directly to your customer.

5. Customer Friendly – Customers love mobile credit card processing because they get to see the transaction in process, they never lose sight of their card, and emailed receipts are perfect for record-keeping.

Getting started accepting credit cards on the Motorola XYBOARD is fast and simple. For more information visit

Smartphone Credit Card Readers-The Latest and Greatest ROAMpay G3X


PaymentMax is happy to announce the latest and greatest mobile credit card reader from ROAMdata:  The ROAMpay G3X.

Here are the benefits:

  • The ROAMpay G3X comes equipped with enhanced security features to prevent credit card fraud that plaques other non-encrypted mobile credit readers.
  • Compatible with hundreds of mobile devices: iOs, Android, BlackBerry, PC and Mac.
  • Three times more device coverage than all other companies combined.
  • Equipped with the latest technology: NFC (near field communication) and EMV (Europay).
  • Mobile solutions such as mobile check-out, mobile offers, and mobile wallet.
  • Lowest cost of ownership.

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